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Back to School Skincare: From Toddlers to Teenagers

With school in session and acne on the rise, it is important to help your children establish a skincare routine. Doing this early on not only helps the overall health of your child’s skin, it also helps them grow into adults who have and maintain skincare routines. Now, navigating the waters of pediatric skin care can seem like a vast and confusing ocean, especially once you are online looking for answers. Luckily, we are here to help, and much of the skincare tips discussed here can be used with children of any age, toddlers to teens!

Best Skincare Practices for Toddlers

Some have described Toddlers as adorable, while others describe them as tiny little monsters who are way too fast for just learning to walk. Either way, it is important to keep their skin healthy so they don’t develop skin issues down the road. The main skincare products you need for your toddler’s care routine are moisturizers, gentle cleansers, and sunscreen. Sunscreen is undoubtedly the most important on the list of those three things. It should be applied when going outside as sunscreen protects your child from skin cancer down the road. Not to mention a sunburned toddler is no one’s idea of a fun time. As for the cleanser, it is important to make sure it’s both gentle and safe for your child to use. The best products bind to body oils and stop them from mixing into the bath water. Finally, a good moisturizer is needed to help your toddler’s skin retain the moisture that is often stripped from delicate skin by soaps.

Best Skincare Practices for Tweens

As your lovely little angel grows, he or she will come into a very awkward phase in their lives: the tween phase. This is the phase in which they are not quite teens but aren’t little kids anymore. As this phase begins to bloom, so too will acne, body odor, and a whole host of other changes. This is also the average time when age makeup and deodorants are starting to be used, as well as makeup removers and body wash. It is important to teach your tween the ins- and outs of using makeup and the importance of makeup removers to the overall health of their skin. Encourage them to begin using “clean” products from the beginning.

Bodywash is also very important at this stage to help remove oils, sweat, and deodorant residue from settling in pores and creating acne. At Nabila K, we’ve striven to produce an entire series of products, including gentle and soothing body washes that are beautifully crafted to help your tween and you enjoy the fresh scents of nature without worrying about toxic chemicals. For those tough gym days, tuck a small towelette for quickly wiping away sweat and grime after a game of kickball or jumping jacks.

Best Skincare Practices for Teens

Welcome to the trenches, parents. This is the phase where your child is forging their identity, and this can often be a very rough phase for parents and teens alike. The raging hormones that dictate a lot of what they do can also have some crazy changes to their skin. They start producing more body oil, and in turn, that becomes acne. So, it is very important to have a good body wash as well as a good facial cleanser and moisturizer. has taken years to perfect gentle facial moisturizers that won’t irritate a sore and irritated face. Ideally, the best body wash should trap and stop the body oils from mixing with the water, so it slows off and goes down the drain. Have regular discussions with your teen about skincare routines that include regular washing and moisturizing of their skin. In particular, make sure your teen is not only cleansing their face but then applying a good quality toner followed by a light moisturizer. A great item to include in that backpack is an individual wipe for those times when excessive sweat, oil, or grime has accumulated (like after football, cheerleading, or band practices).

Get your kiddos off to school with vibrant, healthy skin. Aside from a good lunch, enough rest, and a sturdy backpack, it is looking your best. Help your child put his or her best foot forward with Nabila K products, designed with your young ones in mind.

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