It’s a lifestyle!


…is not a name; it is not a price tag. It can be a certain place or a special color, texture, or scent. Luxury can be an experience. It is a personal journey that ignites the senses and touches the soul. You can’t pin it down to just one definition for there are many – as many as there are people in the world. Everyone has their idea of what is luxurious to them, what speaks to them and those ideas are vast and varied. One thing is universal, though; luxury is to be lived.

Some people believe that they must escape to enjoy luxurious moments, but that is not necessarily true. To slip into an aromatic tub of warm water, allowing the scent to carry you to another place, that is luxury. Sipping tea in your living room with the lights low and a fragrant candle surrounding you in sweet floral scents – that is luxury as well. Ask Nabila Khashoggi, founder of NABILA K, a lifestyle line of luxury skin care, personal products, and home ambiance. She will tell you that it is a lifestyle.

Nabila was born and raised in the Mediterranean and exposed to a way of life that compelled her to seek contentment and comfort in any environment, any form, regardless. From a very young age, she enjoyed extensive travels, which taught her to appreciate elements of newly discovered cultures and lifestyle, incorporating them into her own. This attitude laid the foundation for her product line, paving the way for her to bring luxury into people’s homes and let them get swept away in the lifestyle of sweet indulgence.

The NABILA K line of products seeks to be free from harmful chemicals and are never tested on animals. With therapeutic, relaxing bath salts, bubble bath made with the highest quality essential oils, and body scrubs that will give your skin a rejuvenated, radiant glow, NABILA K brings luxury to your home and encourages you to live the experience.

A review of the NABILA K product line is a lovely sensory experience with bath and body products, skin care, home ambiance, stationery, and beautiful accessories. You can see it, touch it, and smell it as you immerse yourself in them whether they are a few stolen minutes to soak in a bath or an entire afternoon in your home spa. Each product is carefully crafted not only as a fresh and natural product, but also as a medium to transport you to another state of mind, another world – a world of comfort, peacefulness and adventure.

Most of the products come in a travel size so that those on the go can take a little bit of extravagance with them. Nabila wanted to make the lifestyle of luxury available to everyone, and she has accomplished this with her NABILA K line. There is something for everyone here, for every taste and every budget. From scented candles to luscious lip balm, to vibrant, colorful scarves, there is an experience just for you.

Luxury is attainable, you can have it, and live it! Your experience awaits!

FOUNDER OF NABILA K luxury skin care and home ambiance line Nabila Khashoggi writes the children’s graphic novel series Spartan and the Green Egg with the intention of introducing kids to cultural and environmental themes around the world.

Part of all proceeds from Nabila K bath and beauty products are donated to The Children for Peace Onlus (ONLUS) a nonprofit organization based in Italy whose mission is to provide education and other forms of aid to children in Third World countries.

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