The Beauty Benefits Of Jasmine

Jasmine as the Ultimate Beauty Ingredient

  • Its scent: invigorating as well as soothing, jasmine is known as “the king of oils.”
  • A flower with power: jasmine is an age-old skincare secret. Whether it’s used in a lotion or sipped in a tea, jasmine is calming and, when imbibed, even promotes weight loss.
  • When the essential oil of jasmine is smoothed on the skin, it has antibacterial properties. Not only does it moisturize, but it protects as well. Jasmine helps to boost the skin’s immunity and also fights signs of aging.
  • It’s a master hydrator and even helps to promote healing. Jasmine oil is effective in smoothing the appearance of scars and blemishes.

(Flowering Jasmine plant,


Jasmine’s Aromatic Benefits

  • Warm, sweet, exotic, and heavenly are just a few adjectives often used to describe the rich scent of jasmine. It’s one of the most popular essential oils used in the art of

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  • If you’re looking to fill a room with the heady scent of jasmine, look no further than the luxurious lifestyle products offered by Nabila K Cosmetics. For a fresh, clean scent, Nabila K’s Jasmine & Honey Diffuser is the perfect complement to any room. With its sleek design (a translucent glass bottle paired with bamboo reeds), this diffuser set is not only elegant and stylish to look at but provides aromatic ambiance as well.

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  • Jasmine is known for its powerful effects on emotional well-being: it’s an uplifting scent that helps promote relaxation. For candles, look no further than Nabila K’s Jasmine & Honey With an elegant frosted glass and cotton wick, these soy-based candles combine the rich fragrance of jasmine with notes of bergamot, orange, and honey. There are also subtle notes of ylang ylang, gardenia, tuberose, and honeysuckle. This mélange of perfumes is a feast for the senses!

Jasmine: “The King of Oils”

Jasmine is most beneficial when used topically on the body in the form of an oil, lotion or as a bath salt.

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  • Jasmine, long-revered in the Orient, soothes while detoxifying the skin. The salts promote cell regeneration and healing. Emollient oils extracted from the Jasmine plant provide moisturizing comfort long after bath time.” To immerse yourself in restorative, sweet-smelling jasmine, use Nabila K’s Organic Jasmine Dead Sea Bath Salts. There’s nothing more lovely or relaxing after a long day than sinking into a tub filled with hot water and fragrant bath salts. This is self-care in which you can truly indulge!

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  • For a jasmine-infused experience, try Nabila K’s Jasmine Body Oil. It’s ideal for dry skin and can be smoothed on after a shower or, for complete hydration, add a few drops to your bathwater.

(Nabila K’s Safari at Dusk body lotion)

  • Finally, for a body lotion that’ll truly take you away: try the Safari at Dusk (with aloe vera and vitamin C) option. With notes of exotic fruits, spices, and herbs, this body lotion has the lingering fragrance of jasmine (along with rosemary and citrus). It’s a safari adventure in a bottle!

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