Sweet Peas: The Sweetest Fragrance


The Perfume of Sweet Peas

The Sweet Pea—or “Lathyrus odoratus”—is a quintessentially English flower even though it is actually indigenous of the Mediterranean region. Sweet peas are a climbing plant and are ideal for trellises in which to grow and entwine themselves. Not only are they beautiful blossoms that resemble a butterfly taking flight, but they are especially known for their sweet, heavenly scent.


The name “Lathyrus” means “pea” or “pulse” in Greek, while “odoratus” means “fragrant” in Latin. Sweet Peas were widely cultivated in England after being sent over from Sicily in the 17th Century. Because of their long, elegant stems, sweet peas are wonderful flowers for bouquets and are very popular at weddings. Of course, sweet peas are a prime note in perfumes as they smell so lovely.

(Nabila K’s “Prima Donna” perfume)
  • Nabila K’s Prima Donna roll-on perfume is a gorgeous luxury product that will make you smell as if you’ve been sleeping in an English country garden of sweet peas. This convenient roll-on Prima Donna fragrance is made from organic, natural oils that include sweet pea, argan, and shea along with vitamin E.

Nabila K’s homage to romance and the sweet pea is summed up with this perfume and statement:

Scent association is a powerful thing, and one of the most iconic scents of spring is sweet pea flowers. Our Nabila K Prima Donna roll-on perfume will immediately remind you of going on a romantic springtime stroll through a garden. Keep springtime alive in your heart all year and immerse yourself in its poetic majesty with this convenient perfume bottle.”


The Ultra-Feminine, Regal Sweet Pea
Sweet Peas are known for being ultra-feminine flowers that symbolize bliss, pleasure, and kindheartedness.

(Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands)

Juliana, Queen of the Netherlands (1909- 2004), was known for her great love of sweet peas and collected them, including the most unusual varieties (which she planted in her garden and crossbred to create unique never-before-seen blossoms).

Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Parma, daughter of Princess Irene of the Netherlands, married in 2012 and chose her wedding bouquet to be comprised almost entirely of sweet peas as an homage to her grandmother, Juliana. A very regal flower, indeed!

An Assortment of Colors


Sweet Peas bloom in all colors and varieties: some can grow up to five or six feet in height while others are more bush-like. Their color palette is extensive and ranges from pale lavender and ballerina pink to cream, pristine white, and then to the other end of the spectrum with dark purples and deep reds. A bouquet of mixed colors is a thing of true beauty!

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