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Stay Dewy, Not Sweaty: Prep And Preserve Your Makeup

“You are so much sunshine in every square inch.” –Walt Whitman

While we’re all protecting our skin from harsh ultra-violet rays this summer and soaking in much-needed Vitamin D, we may not even think about precautions to take that will keep our makeup sweat-proof. Keep it minimal and follow these tips from Nabila K to stay fresh even in the hot summer sun. We all know about waterproof mascara for the beach and pool, but what about sweat-proofing your entire makeup look? Summertime looks should be sexy and glistening, not runny and sweaty.

What to Avoid

To avoid that summertime sadness Lana del Rey sang of, make sure your makeup is on point! Here are some things you’ll want to avoid: 

  • Heavy makeup—complete with powder, Pan-Cake, concealer, and the foundation is out for the summer. The last thing you want is a smeared face, and the summertime heat can be unforgiving, as we all know. 
  • False eyelashes. Even though we love false lashes and Nabila K offers high-quality fringe for your fabulous eyes, forgo this beauty option at the pool and beach. Do, however, wear your lashes to an indoor event where you can escape the hot summer sun. 
  • Lots of eye makeup. We’re talking smoky eyes by the pool. Try to avoid this when you’re swimming and sweating because while Nabila K’s makeup is long-lasting, it’s not invincible! It is, however, effective when applied on wet or dry skin, so feel free to wear any of Nabila K’s eyeshadows this summer (available in one, three, and five shadow palettes). Stick to a pale, iridescent color for a fun, flirty, fuss-free look.

Tips to Try

Orson Welles once said of Rita Hayworth: “Miss Hayworth does not sweat; she glows.”

  • Waterproof necessities are absolutely essential. Try Nabila K’s Ultra-Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen for fool-proof cat eyes. Don’t overdo it but feel confident that our liquid liner will last and last; you will not end up with raccoon eyes in the sun or surf. Even though Nabila K’s eyeliner is completely water and sweat-proof, a primer can help keep eye makeup (including eyeshadow) in place all day and night, even in the heat.
  • Waterproof mascara is an absolute must. 
  • Accentuate your sun-kissed beauty with just a swipe of bronzer. Blend in well and enjoy the golden sparkle. For the perfect shine, try Nabila K’s Moroccan Sand eyeshadow palette in place of a bronzer. This all-natural, organic shadow is gentle and can be applied to dry or damp skin.

Set Your Face

  • Aloe Surge Facial Mist is ideal for a quick pick-me-up. A spritz of Nabila K’s soothing aloe vera mist will not only rehydrate and refresh, it will also set your makeup. Forgo disrupting your makeup with tissues and towels when you need cooling off. Just spray a few pumps of aloe mist onto your face, neck, and chest, and voila! You’re good to go.
  • Don’t forget that healthy skin is beautiful skin. To keep your look fresh and ready for whatever life brings, make sure to clean your face at the end of the day. Try Nabila K’s Organic Makeup Remover and always use a good toner
  • Remember to moisturize, even in summer. A good tip is to use moisturizer at nighttime (well before you are ready to apply makeup and go outdoors in the heat). This will make a world of difference in helping sweatproof your makeup because lotions and creams do make you sweat. Try Nabila K’s Nightingale Night Cream (with rose, calendula & willow). 

Protect Your Pout 

  • Nabila K’s all-natural fruit-infused lip balms help heal and protect your lips. With natural oils and antioxidants, a Nabila K lip balm is literally just that: a salve that truly feels like an elixir. It hydrates and pampers your pout but, more importantly, it stays put.
  • Nabila K’s new array of lip glosses is the perfect beauty must-haves. They’ll help you appear shiny, not sticky or sweaty, even in the most severe heat.
  • For extra protection against runny makeup, prep your lips with Nabila K’s lip pencils. This will help ensure that your lipstick and lip gloss stay in place. Lip liner will also help to ward off feathering.

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