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Tropical Humidity And Your Hair

How to Care for Your Hair in Tropical Humidity

Humidity does wonderful, and not so wonderful, things to your hair. The frizz, like the struggle, is real. However, there are a number of tips and tricks to get your tresses tamed so you can enjoy the intense sun and warm climes wherever you travel this summer. And, if you happen to live in a humid place and need a new way to approach the humidity/hair struggle….we got you. 

Tip #1: Don’t Skip the Conditioner

Ever. Just don’t do it, especially if your hair tends to be dry in the first place. What happens is that dry hair absorbs the moisture in the air (hello humidity) and either flattens your lovely locks or frizzes it beyond belief. The key to preventing this is to put a layer of deep penetrating, collagen-based conditioner. It works because it creates a barrier that repels the moisture in the air. 

Tip #2: Air Dry, Don’t Blow Dry

If you have a choice, opt for allowing your hair to fully, or at least partially, air dry. Use a moisturizing shampoo, followed by a good conditioner, then rinse with cool water. This closes the cuticle in your hair, sealing the pores so that humidity doesn’t have a chance to penetrate. If you have fine hair and fear air drying will make your hair lay flat to your head, only partially air dry. Then go in with your blow dryer and do ONLY your roots to lift it. 

Curly girls…your routine is different. Tame the beast by first raking your hair through with your fingers. This defines your curls while it air dries. Use a shaping gel or mousse, and scrunch, scrunch, scrunch. Avoid blow-drying if possible. In humid weather, it just makes the tangles and the frizz worse. 

Tip #3: Consider Wearing your Hair Up

Never admit defeat. Instead, opt for a hair elastic and pull your hair off your neck. Many fun updos are on the rise these days. It is an inexpensive way to still look nice, and pulling your hair up allows for you to remain cooler. Try braiding your hair or putting it in a bun while it is wet. 

Tip #4: Use a Better Towel

You might not think it, but in humid weather the type of towel you use matters. A lot. Once you are out of the shower, and you’ve determined you aren’t going to blow it dry, how do you get the moisture out of your dripping do? Towel dry. But you need a towel that is specifically made for hair (yes, there is such a thing!). It is not abrasive and, as a result, doesn’t amp up the frizz. Look for the towels with waffle weave as it makes them super absorbent. Often in humid climes, you’ll also be in the water a lot. These types of towels can be a lifesaver!

Tip #5: Use Body Oil for Touchups

In a humid environment, let’s face it…you’ll sweat. So even the best conditioner you have on your hair may not be enough. The savvy traveler carries a small bottle of body oil to touch up and run through their locks on days that are sweltering and not even the shade helps. Opt for an oil that is organic and has no harmful chemicals. The reason being that you don’t want those chemicals to react with the heat and sunshine to promote more damage. 

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