Over-The-Top Reel Christmas Glamour

Treat Yourself like a Glamour Goddess

Looking for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers? How about surprising her (or yourself) with some deluxe body butter in vanilla or peppermint? You’ll smell like a sweet treat instantly. Nabila K’s sensuous products make for the perfect present. Correspond your skincare routine to your favorite old Christmas movie: the perfect winter scent will make you feel like a glamour goddess (which we all need right now).

I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas (and Wintry Scents)

There’s nothing better than curling up on the sofa while watching your favorite Christmas movie, and we could all use a little escapism right now. Go ahead and treat yourself this holiday with whimsy and lovely wintry scents. Nabila K has the most lavish products with scents that are perfect for the holiday season:

  • Rosemary is a favorite woody herb known for its fragrant leaves. Try the Voyager’s Garden Triple Milled Soap for a scrub featuring minty rosemary as a primary note.
  • Organic Brown Sugar (Body Scrub and Lip Polish): There’s nothing sweeter than brown sugar—whether you’re baking holiday treats or using it in your skincare routine.
  • Cinnamon: Nabila K’s Tahitian Gardenia candles and diffusers offer an unexpected blend of notes, including cinnamon, coriander, and sandalwood, to make the gardenia fragrance pop.

Diamonds (and Crystals) are a Girl’s Best Friend

Pamper yourself and your skin with Nabila K’s Crystal Etch soap!

Nabila K’s Crystal Etch Microdermabrasion Exfoliating Soap Bar is a patented exfoliating body treatment made with a blend of medical-grade, fine biodegradable corundum, and magnesium oxide crystals, essential oils, and soothing aloe vera. Medically tested, The Crystal Etch’s fine corundum and magnesium oxide crystals, polish away dull, and dry skin.”

“The Crystal Etch offers a way to combat wrinkles, fine lines, and will balance out discoloration in the skin. Polishing with this proprietary blend promotes collagen production, which prolongs skin’s youthfulness and longevity.”

  • Royal Wood and Forest Experience (with cooling pine, herbs, and mint) Body Butter: You’ll feel as if you’re in the woods, on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree or, better yet, at home sitting by the fire gazing at the festive lights after the tree has been cut and trimmed. You may have just completed the finishing touch of decorating by sitting an angel or star on the very top.
  • Organic Honey Body Butter: With healing manuka honey and chestnuts (roasting on an open fire), Jack Frost will soon be nipping at your nose and you’ll want some soothing cream to prevent dry, itchy skin.
  • Vanilla Peppermint Body Butter: There’s nothing sweeter than a bit of vanilla mixed into the batter for Santa’s Christmas cookies. Images of sugarplums and candy canes will dance in your head when you use this cream. It’s as rich as the eggnog!

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