Makeup Trends For Fall

Fall Makeup

It’s official: fall is here! Now is the time of year when you can throw on a chic jacket and scarf and are ready to go. Of course, it’s also time for some fun makeup changes and trends to correspond with the cooler weather and turning leaves. Also, don’t forget the new necessary fashion accessory: a mask. 

So, let’s start with lipstick: it’s always a traditional form of self-care to treat yourself with a new fall shade of lipstick but—this year—that may be tricky. When you’re able to distance and be away from crowds of people, go for the lipstick! It’s an immediate glamour boost and mood pick-me-up. Even if you only try it out at home, it’s worth it because, let’s face it, we all miss wearing lipstick.

Lipstick shades To Try:

  • Glossy apple red
  • Bright or dark matte red/burgundy
  • Plum hues
  • Browns—from taupe to mahogany





Makeup, Hair and Nails to Mimic the Fall Flowers and Foliage:

Obviously, with a mask on, now is a good opportunity to play up your eyes and really make yourself stand out. Even if you’re only going to your local farmer’s market or on a stroll to enjoy the foliage, a little makeup will put a bit of pep in your step.

  • Chrysanthemums (especially potted mums) are favorites of the season. Mimic their beauty by accentuating your beautiful eyes with bright, cheerful golden, yellow, and orange shadows. Don’t hesitate to try a smoky eye (instead of plain black eyeliner or shadow, try russet hues to really make your edgy look pop). Try a cool copper or brilliant bronze shadow in order to really glow.
  • Cock’s comb and amaranth are fun, velvety fall flowers and have an irresistible crimson hue. Dark red eyeshadow always makes a statement.

  • Falling leaves the color of cinnamon: try a brown eyeliner/eyeshadow combo—don’t hesitate to fill in your eyebrows, too! Full eyebrows are a great look for fall so put those tweezers away. Another fun fall trend is a dark manicure: try brown and even black for a sleek look.
  • All things pumpkin: try a henna rinse for fun and flirty sunset red hair.

Don’t Forget your Makeup Remover

After you’re done painting your face, at the end of the day, it’s essential to remove all your makeup. This is a must for maintaining healthy, youthful looking skin.

  • Try Nabila K’s One-Step Organic Makeup Remover to wipe everything away before bed (or before trying a new look!). This no-fuss, no-rinse remover (complete with biodegradable towelettes) not only removes all makeup but also moisturizes with a little help from organic botanical and herbal oils.  
  • Argan Oil, Hibiscus & Rose Face Elixir: “The best-kept beauty secret in a bottle.” The combination of Damask Rose, Argan, and Hibiscus Oils is an Eastern secret too good not to try. This concoction of sweet smelling flowers and oils helps to lock in moisture while protecting your skin from harsh environmental elements. Your face will feel as if it’s been bathed in lotions and potions to leave you smelling fragrant and looking luminous.

  • Aloe Surge Facial Mist: For the final refreshing beauty step, carry this bottle of aloe misting spray in your bag and, if you’re feeling a bit dehydrated, voila! It’s like having your own little personal spa treatment right at your fingertips.

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(All non-Nabila K photos courtesy of Pat McGrath labs)

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