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It’s spring! Farewell to chills and colds! The blushing girlish world unfolds each flower, leaf and blade of sod—small letters sent to her from God.” –John Updike

Spring is a promise of beginnings and life starting over anew and, with that, young love and plenty of spring fever. With flowers bursting and warm, fragrant air, it’s no wonder women and men want to look their best and most radiant. For a complete glow-up that’ll make you feel like a moon goddess using only one product, look no further than Nabila K!

Radiant Beauty: Nabila K Beauty Stix

With Nabila K’s dedication to clean beauty and a line of exciting new cosmetic products, there’s something for everyone. While the “Glow Getter” beauty stick started off the trend, there are even more shades of Beauty Stix to love.

What makes Nabila K’s Beauty Stix so revolutionary? It’s one product that does it all! With only one tube of makeup, you can apply color to your entire face! You can add instant color, shine, highlighter, blush, and shadow to your cheeks, eyelids, brow, lips, and nose with just a few swipes.

Although blush and rouge have been used for centuries, Nabila K has a truly new and novel approach to beauty.

Colors and Shades

  • Coquette: Velvety and blendable, this seashell pink shade of shimmer is warm and flirtatious. Ideal for anyone ready to embrace their inner seductress, you can be as coy or as charming as you please with a touch of pink added all over. Make your lips, cheek bones, and eyes shimmer with the most intimate hue.
  • Shiraz is for all the romantics out there who want a wine-colored pop added to their makeup look for the day or night. Add some color to your lips for a look that’s reminiscent of crushed berries or a little to your cheeks for a rosy hue that is feminine and alluring.
  • Play It Up: Gild the lily with Nabila K’s pale mauve hue of makeup that is truly a secret weapon. You can elevate and transform your look in a matter of seconds with a clean beauty product that truly does it all. Add a tint of shadow to your lips and use alone as a lip color, or add to other lipsticks and glosses. Dab some on the apples of your cheeks for a healthy, rosy glow.
  • One on One: Try Nabila K’s new, blendable formula conveniently packaged in one sleek stick. For a soft, velvety finish in a shade of dusty rose, elevate any look with just a hint of blush and a rosy radiance. Perfect for adding highlights or for creating captivating eye shadow, “One on One” is the ideal shade of hushed pink.
  • Glow Getter: Shine bright like a diamond and get your glow on with Nabila K’s “Glow Getter.” For all you go-getters out there, let the light shine on your beauty and attain an afterglow all day long.
  • Luster & Blush: Do you want to look like a sleeping beauty at the Met Gala waiting to be kissed? With Nabila K’s “Luster & Blush,” you’ll be made of moonbeams and sparkles. Like a fairy in a garden or a maiden at first blush, you can create the most romantic of looks with this truly versatile beauty product.

For more information on the Nabila K brand and lifestyle, as well as all the Beauty Stix shades mentioned above, click the following links and visit the website.

Shades of Beauty Stix pictured above include Shiraz, Play it Up, and Glow Getter

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