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Exquisite Eyebrows: How-To With Nabila K

“The eyebrow pencil and false eyelashes were essential; my mother didn’t feel dressed without them.”  -Lorna Luft (on her mother, Judy Garland)

You’d be surprised at how a good brow can really change your entire face. Eyebrows shape the visage and can help to sculpt your entire look. Now, none of us want to look like Groucho Marx, but thick, well-groomed eyebrows (à la Brooke Shields and Cara Delevingne) are very in style and beautiful. Any and every eyebrow look is in as long as you do it right; anything goes when it comes to fashion!

Nabila K Eyebrow Products

“I’m getting a wrinkle above my eyebrow because I just can’t stop lifting it, and I love that you know.” -Angelina Jolie

Any and every look you can think of is just a few steps away with Nabila K’s new clean and organic line of eyebrow products. “Bring out your eye’s natural charm with Nabila K’s new eyebrow palettes. Lift and rejuvenate your look with the complementary shades in one convenient set.”

Nabila K’s 3-well brow palettes come in a variety of shades to suit every hair color, skin tone, and style (from raven-haired beauties to fair blondes, redheads, medium-light to dark brunettes, and everything in between). To find your perfect match, choose from the following:

  • Brow Charm
  • Brow Darling
  • Brow Goddess
  • Brow Heaven
  • Brow Thrill
  • Brow Wow


Brow Fixx

Nabila K’s Brow Fixx is the perfect remedy for unruly brows! If you want to fix your eyebrows so they’re on point, look no further. How about achieving a look to rival that of Elizabeth Taylor, Ali MacGraw, or even Frida Kahlo? We have exactly what you need. Even though these are ideal for thick, full eyebrows, they work well for any shape or size of brow.

“Want the secret to naturally defined eyebrows? Nabila K Brow Fixx Tint & Shaper helps you get a natural look that is also smudge-proof, waterproof, and with color that lasts. Brow gel instantly tints and fills so your eyebrows look fuller and more luxurious using a patented brush ball applicator. Wear with or without brow shadow (available in Brunette, Blondie, Clear, Chocolate, Dark Brunette, and Fair Blonde).”

“For events, I do use make-up, but normally I don’t. I might use a bit of eyebrow pencil and a lipstick but nothing else.” -Alicia Vikander

Nabila K’s Brow liners are ideal for filling in gaps and light spots in your eyebrows for an overall consistent, full effect. They are also wonderful for simply drawing on eyebrows, so if you have very thin brows and want to emulate Hollywood starlets of yesteryear (like Marlene Dietrich and Jean Harlow) for that ultra-glam feel, you’ll need these pencils!

Bring out the Wow Factor in your brows with Nabila K Brow Liner Pencils. Precision crafted in Germany, these pencils come with a luxurious saturated pencil on one end and a grooming brush on the other. The pencil tip is designed to stay together when applied, doesn’t crumble or clump, and gives you extra control. Bring out the Wow in your brows with three color choices: Blonde, Taupe, and Brunette.”

Nabila K’s eyebrow liners come in the following shades to suit every hair color, including:

  • Blonde Brow (ideal for adding volume and layering effects): simply groom your eyebrow first with the brush and then add natural-looking strokes (that never feel waxy). Bleached blonde eyebrows are incredibly striking (no matter your hair color); this pencil will keep your light brows looking fresh and shiny.
  • Brunette Brow is the perfect beauty tool for creating an enviable arch. Simply swipe on using your natural brow as a guide; it’s really that easy!
  • Taupe Brow is the pencil specifically designed to complement women with dark hair. The color taupe will help to enhance your hair’s natural highlights, adding depth and dimension.


Nabila K’s Brow Highlighting Duo pencil has two shades that are absolutely swoon-worthy and practically foolproof when applied.

“Brighten and elevate your look with Nabila K Brow Highlighting Pencils. Duo-sided pencils allow you to layer and lift, brighten, and beautify your entire eye look. Highly versatile, brow highlighting duo allows you to diffuse imperfections and bring shimmer and luminosity for an instant eye lift. Finishes are cream on one side and powder on the other.” Choose from Cream Champagne and Dreamy Glaze to instantly create a youthful, refreshed expression.

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