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Nabila K’s Blush and Beauty Stix: Rouge Versus Highlighter

While blush adds color to the skin, making one look attractively flushed and rosy, a highlighter emphasizes features with shine. The purposes of the two products are completely different but they can be used together to create beautiful, finished looks.

Nabila K’s Beauty Stix are so much more than highlighter.

While they do draw attention to your cheekbones, eyelids and even lips with glowing results, they add color as well. The purpose of Nabila K’s new and exciting Beauty Stix is to combine many products into one, creating a sustainable beauty must-have.

They act as an eye shadow, highlighter, blush and lip color. Because the ingredients are always all natural and clean and the pigments truly pop, this is makeup you can feel good about using. Not only do the vibrant hues last all day with minimal application, but they will also never clog your pores or irritate your skin.

  • For a classic highlighter that emphasizes certain features and makes all your angles luminous, the “Glow Getter” and “Coquette” Beauty Stix are optimal. If you want a little more color, you’ll want to add one of Nabila K’s blushers to your makeup routine or use one of the pinker varieties of Beauty Stix, such as “Shiraz,” “Play it Up,” or “Luster & Blush.” “Luster & Blush” is a real treat and perfect for the girl on the go because it combines both aspects of blusher and highlighter. You can add a delicate sheen to your cheekbones to play up your entire face while blending the color to give yourself a hint of rosiness.

How to Match Your Makeup

For lighter skin tones, soft pink hues of blush are ideal. For a fair complexion, try Nabila K’s blush in shades of “Ruffles,” “Echo,” and “Ladybug.” For darker skin tones, try something a little more flamboyant that will really make the apples of your cheeks gleam, such as Nabila K’s blush in “Pumped Up,” “Lucky 13,” and “Excessive.” Of course, it also depends on the look you’re going for: if you want to achieve over-the-top terracotta vibes, try the “Hot and Spicy” hue. If you’re forever a pink girl who loves the most feminine, flirty look, try Nabila K’s blush in “Playful” for a fun, frisky effect.

Since highlighters and blushes complement each other, try using these Nabila K products together:

  • Pair “Shiraz” with “Bottoms Up”: For a cocktail-inspired sparkle, apply Nabila K’s frosted blush along with the wine-colored beauty stick. These can also be used with your other beauty products, such as foundation and concealer.
  • To complement your inner coquettish nature, pair Nabila K’s “Coquette” beauty stick with the “Hot and Spicy” blush for a swoon-worthy finish.
  • After applying your foundation and concealer, try pairing the “Glow Getter” beauty stick with the “Echo” blush for just a tint of soft pink. The demure matte finish blusher will complete your radiant glow by adding the right amount of rosy color.

(Nabila K products pictured above include the Beauty Stix “Glow Getter” and “Luster & Blush” and the blushers “Bottoms Up” “Hot & Spicy” and “Echo”).

For more information on all the beauty products mentioned above—along with pricing, sizing, and ingredients—visit Nabila K at the website and follow the links below:

To read more about the differences between traditional highlighter and blush and how to decide which shades to use, check out the links below:,toned%20blush%20and%20golden%20highlighters.,look%20better%20on%20darker%20complexions.

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