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5 Beauty Products, One Perfect Night

A Night Out on the Town Using Only 5 Nabila K Products

Are you ready for a night out on the town but don’t want to spend hours getting ready? We hear you! Whether you are going out to eat at a special restaurant, taking a walk along the beach, or going to the theater, you only need these five products from Nabila K. They literally take you everywhere with the look and signature style you’ve come to appreciate about the Nabila K lineup. Best of all, they are considered clean beauty products, so you can enjoy yourself without worrying. 


Nabila K Eyeshadow Palettes

After you use your favorite foundation, turn your attention to your eyes. Nabila K eyeshadow palettes come in singles, sets of three, or sets of five. Our choice for most versatile go-to makeup, one that compliments most skin tones, is the eyeshadow palette called Effortless

We love it because it is incredibly versatile. For a walk along the beach or sitting in a candlelit restaurant, you can create a warm smoky eye look. You can also create a neutral clean look by combining the lighter colors. Either way, you choose to wear it, the eyeshadow is easy to put on. Better still, it can be applied dry with your favorite makeup brush, or you can even apply it wet!


Nabila K Ultra Black Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen

 Complete your eye look for the evening with Nabila K precision-tooled eyeliner pen. Can be used for creating the latest looks, such as the cat eye, the swoosh, or the fishtail. Big things come in small packages, and this pen is going to wow you with how easy it is to handle. Finish up with your favorite mascara, and your eyes are ready to take on the town. 


Nabila K Nude Lip Pencil

Look pulled together in half the time with Nabila K Nude Lip Pencil. Indispensable pencil makes sure your lipstick doesn’t go where it shouldn’t, does not call attention to itself, and lasts like a trooper all night long. Mechanical lip pencil has a warm tone that goes beautifully with the Effortless Eyeshadow palette. Perfect your pout with this perfect pencil. 

Nabila K Plum Berry Lipstick

Plum Berry lipstick by Nabila K is highly moisturizing, long-lasting, and is a deep rich berry color that is flattering on almost all skin tones. Takes you from one season to the next with grace and style. It’s your little lingering kiss lipstick for sure. 


Nabila K Heady Nights Roll-on Perfume

Finish your look off with the delicate, floral, and feminine scent of Nabila K Heady Nights Roll-on perfume. The scent of gardenia and jasmine combine to create a lasting fragrant note. Roller ball perfume is small enough to tuck into your purse for your night out, making it easy to refresh as needed. Created with pure extracts, a little goes a long way with this sensual southern scent. 

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