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Bad Skin Habits (And How To Fix Them)

Breaking Bad – 3 Bad Habits You Didn’t Know Were Harming Your Skin and How to Break Them 

You likely already know how important it is to properly care for your skin to maintain a youthful appearance. But there are a variety of ways that you may be inadvertently harming your skin as well. In this post, we’ll take a look at three bad habits that are likely to be harming your skin (and what you can do about breaking them).

1. Popping Zits Immediately

We get it – it’s more than just tempting to want to pop any zits on your face, especially if they seem more than ready for the deed to be done. And while you can typically achieve immediate relief after popping one and jumpstart the healing process, this is not the way to go.

Why? Because popping zits can lead to scarring. It can also increase your risk of infection, which can make your skin look even worse than it did before.

A better solution is to opt for a product like benzoyl peroxide. Apply a dab of it to any zits or acne and it’ll work to unclog your pores and destroy any bacteria in the process. It can also help reduce inflammation.

As we said, we know how tempting it can be to pop any zits that are about to erupt, but any temporary relief from doing so could spell trouble down the road. Opt for benzoyl peroxide or a similar product instead.

2. Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Listen up all you coffee and soda drinkers! You’ve heard the old saying, “you are what you eat.” How about a new saying – “you are what you drink.” And too much caffeine isn’t always a good thing when it comes to your skin.

While caffeine can do wonders for keeping you awake and alert, it also tends to lead to feelings of heightened stress or anxiety. And feelings of stress can release hormones that may also increase the amount of oil that is produced by your skin glands. The bottom line is that drinking too much coffee or too many sodas can lead to breakouts.

One solution is to simply try to adjust your lifestyle so that you drink less coffee and soda. Try drinking more water instead. We also suggest opting for a good, cleansing face wash that you can use in the shower and at the end of the day to wash away any excess oil that could lead to breakouts.

3. Sleeping on Your Side and/or Stomach

How you sleep can also have a big impact on how your skin looks. If you’ve noticed that part of your face is beginning to wrinkle faster than the other side of your face, it could be the result of how you sleep and what type of sheets you’re sleeping on. For starters, rough cotton sheets can serve as a skin irritant. Additionally, if you sleep on one side of your body or on your stomach, you may notice more skin irritation or accelerated aging.

One solution is to train yourself to sleep on your back. Another solution is to purchase a pillow that is skin-friendly.

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