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Letter Writing To Calm Your Mind And Share Your Heart

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Women have plenty of ways to de-stress and calm their minds. Often, they go out for a quick shopping trip or spend hours in the tub reading books or listening to music. But some women do it differently – they write letters!

Letter writing has two kinds: the one you send, and the one you do not. Whichever you want to do with your letter after writing it, it doesn’t matter. Experts say that pouring your thoughts out on a piece of paper is another way to embrace tranquility and maintain peace of mind.

So how does this happen?

Writing helps you become a better conversationalist.

The writing process itself is slower than our brain process. With this, conveying your feelings through written words helps you choose your words carefully. Writing can help you avoid being harsh, or negative. It’s an amazing way to turn your thoughts around to creating a balance between yourself and those you love. Being in harmony helps eliminate conflict and stress.

Become more honest with yourself.

Like any private undertaking, writing is a very personal activity where you are most honest with yourself, especially if you are writing a journal. By jotting down your real emotions, you become more acquainted with yourself. Such will help you eliminate insecurities, and therefore, boost your confidence.

With writing, you become a problem solver.

Some women write their problems down, not actually to tell it to somebody but for them to see these difficulties from a different perspective. The act of putting them on paper is actually an acknowledgment that these problems really do exist, and they need to be addressed.

According to neurologists, writing helps the right brain to stimulate more chemicals effective in critical thinking, which helps humans solve puzzles and logical questions.

But the best expression through writing comes from sharing your thoughts with someone you haven’t been in touch within a while. Writing a letter has almost become a foreign concept nowadays. But picking up a pen and writing a heartfelt note to someone you care about, no matter how long or short, can lift your spirit and your heart in ways you never imagined.

So put some time aside for some writing today. See what priceless wisdom you uncover by sharing your thoughts with someone you haven’t been in touch within way too long.

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