What are The Benefits Of Bath Oils and Body Scrubs?

Bath Oils and Body Scrubs

A hot relaxing bath or shower is always more luxurious with a fragrant oil or scrub. Bath oils are wonderfully effective for softening and scenting the skin. Certain fragrances of bath oil have all sorts of beneficial properties. For instance, lavender is known for welcoming a good night’s sleep as it can help treat insomnia and, in some cases, is believed to help combat anxiety and even depression. Lavender is grown specifically for the extraction of its essential oils, and its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties can also help to heal minor burns and bug bites.

What the Rich and Famous Know about Bath Oils

Hollywood icon and movie star Sophia Loren is a fan of basic olive oil in her baths; this down-to-earth and simple beauty treatment is wonderfully one-of-a-kind and shows that she is authentic and deeply connected to her Italian heritage. Olive oil is an incredible moisturizer and, because it’s 100% natural, it’s safe for the skin.

Shower Your Body with Luxury

It’s important, while in the shower, to remain moisturized and hydrated (especially if the water is very hot as this can be drying for the skin). A body scrub is a perfect choice for keeping skin clean and smooth. A body scrub exfoliates while revealing fresher, younger-looking skin. The proper scrub can help one to look rejuvenated and more youthful. For the optimal shower and body scrub, try one of Nabila K’s many organic luxury products in any of the following fragrances: honey and shea butter, mango and vanilla, wine, brown sugar, apricot and cinnamon, green tea and ginger, and frangipani and argan oil.

The Nabila K Line of bath and beauty products are ethically sourced and created with all-natural ingredients gathered from around the world. It’s your passport to luxury and beauty.

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