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Travel Pouches

2 Reviews $39.00


8 oz

A versatile set of lined and water resistant cosmetic travel pouches in 3 sizes: Large: 10”H x 14”W. Medium: 8 1/2”H x 11 1/2”W. Small: 7”H x 9 1/2”W. The images are inspired by the 1920’s and 30’s travel labels, with each unique flora artwork drawn onto its own individual travel background. A zippered closure ensures to keep all your products or accessories safely contained.

2 reviews for Travel Pouches

  1. Penelope (verified owner)

    I love these pouches. Roomy, chic and colourful! I use the big one for toiletries, the middle one for makeup and the small one for jewelry. We were in Europe for the month of April this year and they were indispensable.

  2. Kathy

    I recently took a trip to Florida and used the large Travel Pouch to carry my tablet and the small one all my makeup. I loved the convenience of these pouches and they are so elegant looking! It’s a treat to travel “in style!”