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‘Me and My Friends’ Compact Hand Towels Kids

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Compact towels are disposable and decompress when water is added. The soft biodegradable towels expanded to the size of a dish towel.

Made from plants which are free of harsh chemicals, alcohol, and perfumes.
Designed in the USA and made in China.

Add water.
Warning: To avoid choking do not let small children and babies put in their mouths.

The light lemon scent is very refreshing and many adults use these too! They fit perfectly into gym bags, diaper bags and are very handy for traveling. Once expanded the towels are extremely soft and gentle even on delicate skin. Plus…they are biodegradable and after you’ve used them, they won’t clog the landfill. Perfect baby shower gifts too!

3 reviews for ‘Me and My Friends’ Compact Hand Towels Kids

  1. Susan

    I bought these for a child but used them for me
    I will always keep them in my bag
    They are a god send

  2. S.G

    I took a packet of these to a toddler birthday party in the park. They came in very handy for cleaning off my kids sticky hands and faces. I expanded them by using the water from the drinking fountain! They expand really quickly. These are soft and my kids did not object to having their faces wiped with them. They take up very little space in your bag.

  3. Debbie

    What a great idea, wonderful little packets that smell so good! I put them in my purse when I take my granddaughter out. They are so practical and smell great!

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