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Compact Hand Towels




For spot cleaning when you’re on the go, Nabila K Compact Hand Towels are the perfect solution! They’re dehydrated so they compress and use a minimal amount of space and won’t clutter up your purse or carry-on luggage. You can stop saving rough napkins and paper towels that just get dirty themselves before you use them. These towels are individually packaged, keeping them clean until you need them. Each package comes with 12 individually wrapped towels, in a resealable zip-top bag. Take the whole thing with you, or pop a few into your backpack or diaper bag as needed. When you’re ready to use them, just add water and the towels decompress. When fully hydrated, they’re about the same size as a standard dish cloth, about 8″ x 8″. More than big enough to clean your hands or wipe your face. Works with both cold and hot water. Compact Hand Towels are designed to fit into toiletry bags and travel pouches also offered by Nabila K, helping you to keep all your personal items together while you’re on the road.

Each wipe measures 7 1/2″ x 4 3/4″ once unfolded.

Made from plants.
Free of harsh chemical, alcohol, and perfumes.

Directions: Add water.
Warning: To avoid choking do not let small children and babies put in their mouths.

Alcohol-free towelettes are infused with natural ingredients perfect for cleansing your skin without drying or overpowering your senses. Choose from Splash of Lavender, Eucalyptus Crisp, and Lemon Fresh. We do our best to make our products hypoallergenic, but please check our full list of ingredients before purchasing.

Towelettes are single use only. Tear open packet at perforation, unfold, and gently wipe over skin. Our wipes are fully biodegradable, so dispose in the nearest receptacle guilt-free!

Our wipes come in sets of 20, packaged in an attractive bamboo case. Case is perfect for taking your towelettes on the road or sitting out on your guest powder room vanity. Individual packets are TSA-approved for carry-on luggage.
Keep your skin fresh and clean on the go with individually wrapped Nabila K towelettes! Perfect for when you just need a touch up, or after you’ve indulged at the food festival. A little packet of luxury you can pop into your pocket or purse!

Designed in the U.S.A
Made in China


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