Induldge In Rose Scents This Winter

Frozen Rose

(Mena Suvari in Sam Mendes’ American Beauty, 1999)

Pamper Yourself with Roses

Take a moment to treat yourself this winter (and approaching Valentine’s Day) with something relaxing and luxurious. Whether it’s a long hot bath, massage, sauna, or simply buying a new beauty item, self-care is important and incredibly enjoyable.

Try these all-natural rose-scented luxury products from Nabila K:

All are infused with organic rose extract!

(Rose Garden Body Butter—in standard and travel sizes)

Rose Garden Body Butter: A deluxe body lotion/butter is something practical and luxurious that makes for an indulgent must-have. For a sensual skincare experience filled with only the best essential oils, this rose-scented butter is perfect for head-to-toe smoothing!

(Organic Rose Bath Salts)

Rose Garden Bubble Bath: There’s nothing more romantic or relaxing than a hot bath filled to the rim with bubbles. This rose-scented foaming bath will fill your tub with bubbles and, if you close your eyes, you can almost imagine that you’re floating in a pool of petals. Don’t forget to add Nabila K’s Organic Rose Dead Sea Salts (infused with English rose oil and Vitamins C and E) to your bath for an extra sensual treat. This will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.

(Rose Garden diffuser set)

Rose Garden Candles are the perfect way to prep your home for a romantic Valentine’s date or for simply turning a winter evening into a rose-scented paradise. If you’d prefer not to burn a candle, look no further than Nabila K’s Rose Garden Diffuser.

(Full Bloom glycerin soap: “Rose Garden”)

Nabila K’s Rose Garden Glycerin Soap is an all-natural, vegetable-based translucent bar that lathers as it moisturizes. It’s also so gentle that it won’t upset the skin’s natural pH balance. With its pink hue, this soap will leave your skin feeling clean and silky. (For more Full Bloom Glycerin Soaps—including a wide variety of fragrances—visit

(Rose Garden greeting cards and envelopes)

Rose Garden Stationary: If you’re feeling especially festive, try sending a hand-written note to someone you love. Nabila K’s charming stationary—complete with one-of-a-kind photography—will surely put a smile on your Valentine’s face.

Most people address their simplest beauty needs year-round, but it’s especially important to moisturize during the winter months. The beauty and skincare products mentioned in this blog play a key role in maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance and will help to restore one’s beauty and radiance with the power of roses!

For more information on the products mentioned above (including pricing, ingredients and sizing options) make sure to visit Also, consult the websites listed below for additional product information:

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