How to Have a Spa Experience at Home

Employ Aromatherapy
There are many different essential oils that are used in aromatherapy to help a person relax. Lavender is well known for its use in spas for just that purpose. Skip the cheap or synthetic versions of it since they do not deliver the same experience. Use natural essential oils only. Try other scents that are soft and appealing, such as almond or baby powder to relax, or citruses to energize.

Investing in an oil diffuser is well worth spending the money on. These nifty little devices release the essential oil fragrance into the air to permeate the room. And they are refillable once the oil has been used.

The Right Atmosphere
Much of a professional spa treatment is about peaceful surroundings. If relaxation is the goal, then there are several things that need to be done to achieve that. Start with turning off the phones and electronic devices. Get rid of any distractions for at least an hour or two. Rather than having the radio on, try a sound machine. These devices play one of a variety of sounds, including ocean waves, tropical rainforest, soft rain, babbling brooks, and more. Lighting can also contribute to the atmosphere. Setting up several candles, even unscented ones, and dimming the overhead lights makes for a more intimate escape from reality.

Facial Mask
Give the face a gentle cleansing using a product specifically for the delicate skin of the face. Rinse, then apply a facial mask. There are so many available at the local retail stores or online to meet every skin need. Some of the more popular choices are aloe and cucumber masks, strawberries and cream, deep pore cleansing, and oatmeal. Masks come in different varieties such as peel-off, clay, sheet, thermal. Choose one that is intended to be applied and left on for a bit then hop in the bath while it works its magic.

Luxurious Bath
Drawing a warm bath and using a bathwater treatment to make it luxurious is not a new idea. Cleopatra was well known for taking long soaks in milk baths. The lactic acid in the milk would dissolve any proteins and release dead skin cells from the body. Of course, filling an entire tub with warm milk isn’t practical, and the cost would be prohibitive.  However, there are various bath additives to make the bath just as pleasant as going to the spa. From milk bath products to Epsom soaks, to strawberry and chocolate treatments, there is sure to be something that appeals to your senses.

Head to Toe Treatment
After the bath, rinse the face mask off and towel dry. Wrap your torso in a large bath towel, then sit down and apply a good foot cream. Paint both your finger and toenails with a gelatine-based polish to nourish the nail beds.

The Nabila K Line of bath and beauty products are ethically sourced and created with all-natural ingredients gathered from around the world. It’s your passport to luxury, beauty and a fabulous spa day.

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