The Nicotiana Flower And Vanilla Bean As Beauty Must-Haves

Nicotiana—also known as the tobacco plant—is a type of Nightshade with blossoms that open at nightfall. We all know that smoking tobacco is a no-no, but flowering Nicotiana is not used for cigarettes. It is planted in gardens and has been used for centuries for its intensely fragrant leaves and medicinal properties (powdered tobacco was brought to France in the 1700s in hopes of treating migraine headaches).


“Nicotiana alata” has an intoxicating nighttime aroma. With trumpet-shaped leaves and a sweet, almost jasmine-like scent, this flowering plant usually blooms in the forest and is definitely seductive. Like all nightshade, it is alluring and has poisonous properties when found in its natural habitat (so don’t pick it).

  • Did you know that the nicotiana plant can be used (in beauty products) as an anti-wrinkle serum?

Nicotiana-Infused Products from Nabila K

  • Body Butter: “The brilliant Nicotiana flower opens only at night, releasing a heavily perfumed essence that has been infused into the Nabila K proprietary blend butter. Use this butter alone or layer with similar fragrances. This scent is particularly good during very hot and humid days, preventing loss of moisture from the skin while continuing to offer a floral fragrance.” Here’s a tip: try layering with vanilla or jasmine.

  • Body Oil: Nabila K’s “Expertly produced and custom blended oil combines the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial Bolivian Nicotiana flower with the nourishing and all-natural oils from the avocado, coconut, and argan. Fragrance is warm, musky, and spicy, like new leather, making it perfect for both men and women. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and deeply penetrating for problem skin, its unique scent and properties make this a stand-out body oil.” A beauty tip: add a couple of drops to your bath water or use during massage.

  • Shower Gel/Bubble Bath: This two-in-one hits all the bases. Used in the shower or bath, you can have frothy bubbles or a foaming gel with spicy overtones and a fabulous floral scent to complete your bath time ritual.

“I carry McCormick’s Pure Vanilla in my purse—the baking kind—and dab it on my neck…Men are attracted to the scent! One time, I put it on and four different guys were like ‘You smell amazing!’”

 –Jennifer Love Hewitt



Vanilla-Infused Products from Nabila K


When you use vanilla-scented skincare, you’ll certainly attract some attention!

  • Smoky Vanilla Diffuser: For that warm, delicious feeling that only vanilla can provide, fill your home with its savory scent. For a flame-free experience, try Nabila K’s Smoky Vanilla Diffuser with bamboo reeds and elegant glass bottle or, if you prefer a more intimate and traditional experience, try Nabila K’s hand-poured Smoky Vanilla Candle in a frosted glass jar.

  • Vanilla Bean Soap is the perfect solution to over-washing. No matter how many times you wash your hands, they’ll stay silky smooth and hydrated with this all-natural, vegetable-based bar.


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