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“Notice that autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

Autumn is that special time of year when temperatures cool, leaves turn hues of golden and russet, and the air gets crisp. We start to light fires to stay warm and spend a lot more time indoors after long walks gazing at the beautiful foliage. It’s the perfect time for making our homes a bit cozier with blankets, soft lighting bright enough to read by, and seasonable scents. Try these Lifestyle products from Nabila K to invite autumn into your home.

  1. Cedarwood Diffuser: An earthy, woody fragrance is exactly what you should be surrounded with this fall season. Nothing evokes the feeling of autumn like a warm scent blended with your favorite citrusy notes, spicy florals, and sweet vanilla. Your home will instantly feel more welcoming with Nabila K’s oil diffuser; it’s the perfect addition to any room. 
  2. Candles: Of course, candles are a comforting decoration and can turn any dwelling into a romantic, cozy space. Try pairing your Nabila K Cedarwood diffuser with an accompanying Cedarwood soy-based candle. Available in two sizes in a frosted glass container, these candles are not only fragrant but beautiful to look at as well. For an optimum perfume experience, light a cedarwood candle in a room that adjoins where the diffuser is kept; the scent of cedarwood will waft through your home, creating an evergreen atmosphere.
  3. And, well, one can never have enough candles, can they? Try something a little less expected but sweet and delicious: Nabila K’s Smokey Vanilla candle. Place this candle far enough away from the cedarwood so the scents don’t overlap and become muddled. There’s nothing that evokes a warm atmosphere quite like candlelight and the scent of smoky vanilla blended with nutmeg, anise, spicy glove, ginger, amber agarwood, tonka bean, and top notes of tobacco flower. 
  4. Autumn is the season for scarf weather. There’s nothing better (or more chic) than wrapping up in a beautiful, soft shawl to stay warm. Consider one of Nabila K’s cashmere and modal-blended or 100% silk scarves to make a fashion statement! If you’re in the market for sumptuous silk, the Butterfly shawl is perfect for fall and will pair well with practically any jacket (try wearing it with a tailored monochromatic blazer; the colors will pop!). With original designs by Kinga Britschgi, Nabila K also offers cashmere and modal-blended scarves that are so cozy and sizable they double as a throw blanket to snuggle up with or, if that old chair in your living room needs a little something, use one of these as a colorful accent. With almost countless ways to don them, these shawls truly are the ultimate fall accessory.
  5.  Stationery: Autumn is the time when children go back to school and we think of freshly sharpened pencils, reams of parchment, and fallen leaves crunching underfoot. It’s the season for books, pens, and stationery. If you’re looking to add something handy and beautiful to your office or den, thoughtful notecards and envelopes are always practical. No desk is complete without the perfect stationery on which to send hand-written letters. Try Nabila K’s “Sweet Surrender” notecards featuring fall favorites like ruby red pomegranates, almonds, and figs.

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