Fall Skincare

Pamper Your Pout: Lip Polishes and Balms

  • Chocolate Lip Polish: Gently exfoliate and moisturize your lips so they are left feeling sweet, soft, and supple. “Blended with the finest ingredients like real sugar and cocoa butter, Nabila K Chocolate Lip Polish smooths away flaky dryness and leaves your lips lush and lovely.”
  • Brown Sugar Lip Polish (with honey and Vitamin E): there’s nothing sweeter or better for fall than a brown sugar scrub to exfoliate dry, chapped lips.

  • Green Apple Lip Polish: Pucker up! With a little help from Nabila K’s ultra-luxe green apple scrub, your kisser will go from “drab to fab!” And don’t forget: just a dab will do!
  • Coffee Lip Polish: With a boost of caffeine, honey, and vitamin E, your lips will be ready to take on the colder weather. Use lip polish before applying lipstick or balm for best results.
  • Herbal Blend Lip Balm: “Blending the finest oils with organic beeswax, Nabila K’s herbal blend lip balm restores and soothes lips.” There’s nothing better than a balm or salve that effortlessly glides on, leaving dry lips feeling hydrated, youthful, and kissable. With the healing benefits of shea butter, Moringa (or “drumstick” tree), cranberry, and avocado oils, the herbal blend balm helps protect and soothe. You’ll also feel good knowing that all Nabila K lip balms are free of parabens, petrolatum, and phthalates. (For more flavors and scents, check out the website!)

(You’ll be as happy as this little pumpkin with your new skincare routine, complete with these luxurious Nabila K products.)

For Your Face: Polishes, Cleansers and Masks

Photo by Irving Penn
  • Turmeric and Basil Face Polish: (with sugar, dead sea salt, kokum and cocoa butters).This face polish/scrub is ideal for problematic skin (if you suffer with outbreaks, dryness, eczema, or rosacea). This long-revered combination from India is wonderful for treating and eliminating dark circles and puffiness as it encourages blood flow and is also effective at combating stretch marks.

  • Collagen Milk Wash Building on the centuries-old beauty secret (milk), we’ve formulated an amazing facial cleanser that embraces the healing power of milk with the restorative properties of plant-based collagen. Discovered on a trip to Saudi Arabia, this recipe closely mimics the one used by women in the Middle East for millenniums. If your skin is exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as dry office air, sun, or wind, then this is your skincare solution. With its clean fragrance and subtle overtones of fresh cream, what was once old is new again with this exclusive formulation by Nabila K.

  • Organic Matcha Face Mask: Matcha tea is trendy for a reason. Not only is it wonderful to drink (it’s filled with antioxidants), but it also soothes as it conditions to help restore the skin by deeply cleansing pores and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This is truly a magical mask and is actually produced as a powder (just like the tea), so you can customize the application for your skin’s specific and unique needs. Matcha, long known for its almost mystical properties to heal and restore, comes together in this remarkable Nabila K formulation.

Indulge Like a Queen (or King) with Royal Wood 

  • Nothing screams fall and cooler weather than lovely sandalwood notes. Nabila K’s Royal Wood soothing body oil (with argan, shea, jojoba, and aloe vera), shower gel, bubble bath, roll-on perfume, body butter, and glycerin soap are all examples of this unique aromatic experience that transforms your toilette into an at-home spa. Add a few drops of oil to your bath for soft, touchable skin or use the gel in the shower. For bubbles, try the foaming bath/shower gel combo. Don’t forget to wash your hands with the bar of glycerin Royal Wood soap and then lavishly apply the silky Babassu body butter. When you’re on the go, roll on some Royal Wood perfume and, for convenience, carry it in your purse for touch-ups throughout the day.

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