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Exquisite Eyes: Create Cat-Like Beauty With Nabila K Cosmetics

“Never ask a girl with winged eyeliner why she’s late.”

All women have a little bit of a feline in them, especially when we want to be as alluring and seductive as possible. A cat eye created with kohl is one of the trendiest and sexiest looks in fashion, and most women flaunt this makeup at one point or another. If you don’t already have your cat-eye mastered, don’t worry: Nabila K’s got you covered! 

Iconic Cat Eyes

Wanna create a “purrfect” cat-eye? Did you know that black eyeliner has been a trend since the days of Ancient Egypt? Just think of Cleopatra and her magnificent winged eyes. We line our eyes to make them appear larger, darker, more mysterious, and elusive. It’s war paint. Imagine Elizabeth Taylor (while filming “Cleopatra”) onboard a yacht in Ischia with Richard Burton: her eye makeup is intact and as sexy as ever, hours after filming, swimming, tanning, and frolicking with her new lover. How can one possibly achieve such a long-lasting, flawless look? With Nabila K’s waterproof eyeliner, that’s how!

Nabila K Eyeliner 


The right eyeliner makes all the difference. Remember this if you’re unsure of where to start with your cat-eye. Long gone are the days of applying eyeliner with burned matches. Nabila K’s new eyeliner pens use an easy flow technology that allows for smooth, effortless application. Say goodbye to eyeliner that clumps and immediately smudges upon application. 

  • Ultra Black—Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Pen: Make your eyes seductive, coquettish, coy, romantic, or edgy with natural, organic makeup. Since it’s waterproof, it won’t budge all day! You can be assured that, once you’ve made up your eyes in the morning, they’ll remain lovely and fresh well into the night. A German-crafted precision tip makes it possible to create any type of look you like, depending on mood or occasion. If you’re feeling flirty, try a small winged look and if you’re feeling a bit edgier, apply sharp angles to create a punky effect. 
  • Nabila K’s Inkjet Eyeliner Pen glides on like silk and has a clean, matte finish. While not waterproof, it’s a long-lasting liner that creates the perfect wings and cat-eye. What’s even better is that all of Nabila K’s makeup is ethically sourced and cruelty-free (never tested on animals). How good does it feel to use clean beauty products to create such a sassy, jet-black look? 

Application Tips 

What to do and what to avoid: 

Remember Julia Fox stepping out recently in Schiaparelli with extreme cat eyes? Use this as a cautionary application tale. Unless you’re intentionally making an avant-garde statement, one may want to avoid over-making up their eyes. 

Amy Winehouse may be the best reference for retro, statement-making eyes.

  • Remember that makeup remover is your friend! You can always clean away messy eyeliner strokes and start again or, better yet, pare it back a little with a cleanser and makeup wipe. Have Nabila K’s One-Step Organic Makeup Remover handy when creating your perfect cat-eye. A customized blend of botanical and herbal oils, this all-natural, gentle cleanser is a makeup lover’s best friend! Carry the remover along with towelettes (which can also be used with water) in your handbag for a refreshing experience anytime. Other than acting as an eraser for mistakes, this remover will gently cleanse and wash away any and all of the day’s residual makeup.


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