Classic Hollywood Beauty Secrets And Regimens

Self-Care: Take Time for Yourself
“Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” –Elizabeth Taylor
Now, more than ever, self-care is something we’re all thinking about in a new light. With most of us at home (due to the COVID-19 Pandemic), now is the perfect time to indulge a little bit, even when it comes to the most routine of habits. Simple beauty tips and secrets from Old Hollywood starlets are actually achievable with the help of Nabila K’s luxurious products. So, please try this at home!

(Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, 1963)
It’s as Simple—and as Glamorous—as Bathing
Sometimes the most luxurious thing one can do as a habit of self-care and relaxation is to take a long, hot bath.

  • Elizabeth Taylor’sfinal step in her makeup routine was to draw a bath so that the steam would set her face and add a natural, dewy texture to the overall look.
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(Sophia Loren in Arabesque, 1966)

  • Sophia Loren followed a Mediterranean diet religiously and was keen on olive oil as a beauty treatment; she even put a few drops in her bath water.
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(Rita Hayworth on the set of Cover Girl, 1944)

“You know, they ask me questions. Just an example: What do I wear to bed? So I said, ‘Chanel No. 5,’ because it’s the truth!” –Marilyn Monroe

(Marilyn Monroe photographed by Douglas Kirkland, 1961)
Before Bedtime

  • Bette Davis was known for using cucumber slices and petroleum jelly to combat dark under-eye circles. This age-old beauty secret is something that anyone can try.
  • Don’t forget to get plenty of beauty sleep, and, for your bedtime fragrance, try Nabila K’s Lavender aromatherapy diffuser. It’ll fill your bedroom with the soothing scent of fresh French lavender and will promote a good night’s rest.
  • • Sleep naked! Monroe was quoted as saying,“I have never been able to wear pajamas or creepy nightgowns; they disturb my sleep.”

(Carole Lombard applying makeup with Max Factor)
Simple Makeup Tips: Contouring is Nothing New
On social media, it seems as if contouring is a recent trend but, surprisingly, it’s nothing new. Makeup artists and great beauties have known the secrets of contouring for ages.

  • Carol Lombard suffered an injury in a car accident that left her nose slightly askew, so she would always contour her nose with a thin white line down the middle to make it appear straighter.
  • Grace Kelly was known for her perfect beauty (after all, she was a princess). She used certain makeup tricks such as shading with blush to define her cheekbones; she’d apply a darker shade of blush on the apples of her cheeks and a lighter shade underneath for highlights.
  • Vivien Leigh was self-conscious about her thin bottom lip and would apply liner well outside her lip line to make her mouth appear fuller.
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“The beauty in a woman is not in the clothes she wears, the figure that she carries, or the way she combs her hair. The beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart; the place where love resides. True beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul.” –Audrey Hepburn

(Audrey Hepburn backstage, Ondine, 1954)

  • Another interesting makeup fact: Audrey Hepburn would separate her eyelashes one by one using a safety pin after applying mascara! That was the secret to her wide, perfectly made-up doe eyes.
  • It’s important to remember, after all the application, to properly remove one’s makeup, especially before bed. Nabila K’s One-Step Organic Makeup Remover One-Step Organic Makeup Remover is exactly what you need for perfectly clean skin.

Always Shine
Sometimes, less is more!
I live like a monk: with one toothbrush, one cake of soap, and a pot of cream. –Greta Garbo

(Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull, 1931)

  • Greta Garbo was known as “The Face” and, to make her eyes look more theatrical, she would add a line layer of petroleum jelly on her eyelids underneath a dark eye shadow. This is a no-frills beauty secret that anyone can use.
  • It’s been said that Mae West was an avid fan of coconut oil and used it as part of her beauty regimen her entire life.Nabila K’s Polynesian Monoi Body Oil is the perfect upgrade to good old-fashioned coconut oil. With coconut, avocado, sesame oils, and pure extract from the Monoi de Tahiti Tiare flower, this custom-blended product is truly luxurious. Not only will it hydrate one’s skin, but it’ll also make whoever uses it feel as if they’re vacationing in the South Pacific. It’s a getaway in a bottle!

Eat Healthy
Don’t forget that a balanced diet is good for the mind and body so, eat your fruits and veggies!

(Grace Kelly playfully holding a peeled orange in Jamaica, 1955)

  • Gloria Swanson was known for being a health nut (and she lived well into her 80s). Not only did she subsist on a diet of raw vegetables, but she also applied them to her skin.“My best beauty secret is raw vegetables,”Swanson told Weekly World News. “I apply them on my face and make sure I eat them regularly. As far as I’m concerned, there is no beauty product better than raw vegetables.”

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